Month: August 2018

PW011 • Throw Your Own – Alien Ultra

The question of whether or not intelligent life exists beyond Earth has a simple yes or no answer. A more interesting query is whether said extraterrestrials would be able to appreciate an expression such as art, and more specifically, music… which begs the next question: if aliens could create music, how would it sound? Like his namesake, Alien Ultra gives us a possible answer by creating an avant-garde hip hop/rap style that is best described as part alien mind control therapy and part sonic intergalactic space bender. By using an otherworldly combination of textures, timing and sound design collage, he creates an entirely new vision of hip hop unlike anything normal human ears have heard before. Phantom Wave is proud to present Throw Your Own by Alien Ultra. Don’t get abducted just yet – the truth is right here. Available on BandcampiTunes, and etc…

Posted by Master Paco