Month: October 2017

PW010 • Radiant Child – Esch

There is a binary nature to reality: hot and cold, inward and outward, zero and one. You will eventually find moments of clarity and peace during dark and turbulent times, because in the darkness there will always be some light. With his latest release, Esch introduces us to Radiant Child. Like our binary existence, Radiant Child is an album that combines two different approaches for its construct. In one aspect, it is a collection of bold and gripping bass music that activates and physically moves the body. On the other end of the spectrum, there are sounds that provide a soft and soothing awareness, like something from our childhood memories, showing us somewhere in the abyss there is hope to get out. Phantom Wave is proud to present Radiant Child by Esch. Don’t be left in the dark. Available on BandcampiTunes, and etc…

Posted by Master Paco