Month: July 2017

Esch – Rebellion

Premiering via, we are proud to present Rebellion by Esch.  A single from his forthcoming EP Radiant Child.

Posted by Master Paco


In a universe full of substance, somewhere an emptiness will always exist. Welcome to the void. Using elements of industrial noise, hints of acid techno, and sweet soothing future pop from exotic lands, Huddyglo depicts a mesmerizing soundscape that is familiar yet totally unheard of in these arrangements. Like a time traveler from the future with an array of synthesizers at his disposal, Huddyglo has demonstrated what it is to create a sound that pushes the envelope and redefines our accustomed sonic conventions. Phantom Wave is proud to present Purgatory Love Void by Huddyglo. It can get lonely out here, so bring a friend. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and etc…

Posted by Master Paco